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Zamek Czocha had been built by Czech king Waclaw II in the XIII century as the stronghold.It is placed at the granite – gneiss hill in Kwisa river valley. In XVI century castle have been rebuilt from the stronghold to the elegant residence. Building have been ruined by the big fire in 1793. In 1909 castle have been bought by Ernest Gutschow, castle have been renovated once again by well known in whole Europe architect Bodo Ebhardt.

Castle is rest - training center, with access also for tourists. We offer 152 places in single, double, triple, fourfold rooms. We also offer Kings Chamber for guests with special taste and also historic and theme rooms: Ernest Gutschowa, Bodo Ebhardt room, Edgar von Uchtritz rooms.


Czechowa castle was created in the second part of the XIII century as the stronghold of the north border. In 1315 king Henryk have married princess Agnieszka, Waclaw II daughter. He gets castle and around areas.In 1345 he makes the agreement with Bolek II Swidnicki, so one year later he gets Jaworskie Kingdom with Czocha Castle. Swidnicko – Jaworskie Kingdom is the strong trade and military center. At the end of Bolek II life there is better relationship with Czech manor. Bolek have not had any children. After his death (1368) and his wife (1392) kingdom with Czocha Castle have been connected to Czech Kingdom.

In XVI century the castle have been renovated to the renaissance style, equipped with art and adapted for gun force. After Thirty Years War becomes the elegant residence, deep moat adapted as zoo.We also offer shows of knight fights, old music band, cabaret shows. We also can organize banquets and meetings with castle band or orchestra on request.At the night of 17 / 18 August big fire makes the castle ruin. It have been renovated next year after fire.

Castle is made of granite and gneiss.


Gastronomic service, restaurant, cafe and bar offers full catering.

Meeting facilities

Four conference rooms have place for 30 to 200 guests. We offer full audio – video devices(multimedia projector, screen 180 x 200 cm, standard speakers, wireless microphone video, dvd, tv, flipchart).

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